Design Update: Making Progress (for v1 + v2)!


Hello everybody!

My apologies for being so sneaky, but trust me when I say we’ve been hard at work trying to make this site as unique, fun, and informative as possible.

So what have we been up to? Well Homepage has been going through the rings, tag pages are getting to their final form, and author bios on stories are shaping up. But we need your help! Please let me know you’re thoughts on how things are looking, what you’d like to see, and how I can help make this the best experience for you!

Keep in mind, not all features shown will be available for v1, but they all are in talks to be built. Thanks!

Tag Page:

Home Page:

Sticky Story Header/Author Bio:



Looking great! Very simple and intuitive so far, just one observation:

  1. couldn’t there be a folder in the Tag Page for Trending Topics or What’s Trending (from any area but with high relevance). I noticed that you have it within the Blockchain folden, but that is specific.
    One question, will there be a specific folder leading you to the articles that you can listen to (Text to Speech)?
    Thanks, and keep up the great work!


Great work!



Excellent work, it’s a great layout and the navigation is intuitive.



Oh, both great questions! We’re exploring the idea of having a separate page listing all the tags available and displaying them by rank. Ideally, you would be able to sort through the tags by popularity, most articles, etc. and maybe have some modules that give you snippets of articles from the top trending! The Bitcoin trending folder is definitely more conceptual and not something we’ve completely hashed out how (or if) it would work.

Accessing text to speech is a great question! We can look into adding a “Media” section to house the podcast, text-to-speech content, and maybe more media heavy content like photo galleries or video in the future. Thanks for raising this to my attention!



The site looks incredible! Can’t wait for the transition to 2.0!



The text to speech i consider particularly important since people can multitask while listening to the articles…I already do that while listening to podcasts, but sometimes i would like to do it with the written articles as well…it would give you much more flexibility, which is obviously important nowadays…



In the ideal world, every story would be able to be consumed in text, audio or video. the visitor decides.

realistically, I think the machines that read stories aren’t far along enough to be listenable for the average visitor, but would be happy to proved wrong here, because it’s a good amount of work for humans to produce quality audio stories.