DeSci: Decentralized Science as Our Chance to Recover the Real Science

Hi, dear HN community.
This article is my little warning to people on how “sick” our modern science is.
I know this, because I was a biochemist and bioinformatician.
I know how the science works from the inside.
It is so easy to manipulate the data in the scientific papers/articles by abusing biostatistics, that you can literally come up with any results you need.
And who is producing most of the “scientific” materials?
Who owns the modern science?

Science is a powerful tool/approach to investigate the reality around us. It is what might help us to get as close to reality as possible. And the reason why it’s so important is because the closer to reality we are, the more rational we are, the better choices we make, the happier we are.
IMHO, there’s already a solution that could help us to “heal” our science and make this amazing tool available for all.

I want people to remember this information and use it in their lives, so that they wouldn’t be a victim of the sick system we are currently living in.
There’s a better world that could be built.

Our thinking process is mostly metaphorical. We use metaphors all the time, and we don’t even notice that. To help people with understanding and remembering what I wanted to say in the article, I took into account the fact that stories are much more memorable than facts alone. In fact, some scientists like Jennifer Aaker state that “Stories are 22 times more memorable than facts alone”.

That’s why I come up with a metaphorical explanation of ideas I’d like to share.
The metaphors used are inspired by the “Hedgehog in the Fog”, a Soviet animated film created in 1975. I wanted to show that the modern scientists are sort of “hedgehogs in the fog”, and you’ll see why.

And, you see, we have the technology, the blockchain technology, that could help us to solve a number of problems that the modern science deals with. There’re already so many projects that try to solve the aforementioned problems.

However, I’d like to warn people that for us to have the real science based on the reliable infrastructure, we can’t go all in on the blockchain and cryptocurrency. We need to have a backup plan.

Hope this article will serve people as a starting point of what the problems in the modern science are and what solutions could be.

Given that I’m not a native English speaker, feel free to provide any feedback on how I could improve my posts.

thanks )

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