Cybersecurity + Biomimicry: Why, What, and How We Could Learn from Nature

“What nature has to teach is more than we have ever imagined.”
(John Lanie)

Cybersecurity is not an exception.

I published recently an article on how cybersecurity problems could be solved with the help of nature-inspired solutions.

The goal is to demonstrate that there’s a lot we could learn from nature, even in cybersecurity.
In the article, I try to examine why, what, and how we could learn from nature.
The biomimicry design process is demonstrated using my own example (anti-virus system inspired by Thale cress strategy to prevent toxicity of heavy metals")) and AskNature web-service (
I would be grateful for any feedback I could get.

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(The image was composed by me with the help of the images from Pixabay)

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