Cures for jet lag?


I feel like my soul is 5 hours ahead of me (I take this concept from Pattern Recognition by William Gibson – I’d highly recommend any of his work, especially that book and Neuromancer). I’m coming from London to Detroit, and it’s…different, to say the least.

What are your cures, your goto treatments, for jet lag? Is it just a matter of time, or is there a cure-all I’m missing here? How do you deal with jet lag?

Also, just pointing this out: this community is super-random. “Random” is the top category, ahead of “Product” and “Software Development”. I love it. :heart_eyes: Long live the “Random” category!


Haha, I’m always suffering from jet lag when I go around between the US and Japan, my home country. Enough sleeping helps me to recover :slight_smile:

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Try Kefir(maybe it’s another name in English) or Airan. basically it’s the same thing, but from different milks. not sure if you will like it - but it definately will change something. and it’s good for your stomach - a lot of bacteries inside of it.

UPD. Sour cream is the name of it.

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A solution that works out for me is trying really hard for a couple of days to sleep at the time I would normally be sleeping. It is really hard but eventually your biological clock is tuned. Best of luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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