CSS Positions: The Struggle is OVER

CSS Positions: The Struggle is OVER

I remember when I started learning CSS, I was always confused about the CSS position property. Not knowing when to use the top, bottom, left or right attribute. Or even when I use them I don’t get my desired output.

I was like that at the start of the my journey into web development. I wouldn’t know when to use the positioning. The technical director at that time was like you should never use position absolute, that should be a last resort. I never asked him why.

Yeah. I know for sure that absolute position was very tricky for me to wrap my head around. But with a better understanding of it, it was best for the job in some situations. Also, am curious to know his(your earlier technical director) reasons. There might be something that will spark our light bulb. :bulb:

Not quite sure what his reasoning was, it sounded more like a personal preference for him not to use it.

He no longer works with me now, he’s long gone and working for another agency.

Yeah. It sounded like personal preference. Thanks for sharing.

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