Crypto Fundamental Analysis, Part II

Crypto Fundamental Analysis, Part II


One heck of an analysis, Jake.

Good job with the directional and current indicators. I have a long way to go in terms of getting more used to fundamental analysis. So far been relying on technical analysis. But this article excited me to delve deeper into fundamental analysis.

Thank you so much! If you can help me with getting the article wider distribution, I’d really appreciate it!

Cryptos have mostly been about technical analysis. Great to see a different perspective on this. The analysis looks relevant.

It’s true that cryptos are becoming more stable and it is now easier to use indicators on them to analyze the price movement as compared to what it used to be some years ago.

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Yes, I completely agree. In the end, crypto assets are networks with network effects. The usage and utility can be measured. I think the mistake that most people make is trying to assign an absolute value of price to network usage instead of a relative one.