Crypto community doesnt undestand what is money

Very synthetic article of the state of the arts of the money creation theory. Only one thing: I dont understand the illogical leap between the premises and the conclusion that the bitcoin is the best money ever.

Because BTC is conceived as a reserve of value for other cryptos with a value creation based on artificial scarcity exactly as fiat money does. Moreover it is based on the premises the you need gold (btc) to produce other currencies, you need an asset as reserve, which is fake. It is the other way round: you need humans who accept your conventional money, and by accepting it they decide to live up to that standard of measure, by conventionnally giving price to things and services which they offer.

What the crypto community doesnt understand is that money as a reserve of value MUST NOT have an reserve asset. And they dont understand either that money must not have a price as if it were an asset, as it is the unit of measure of assets.

And waht they dont understand either is that fiat money is not really fiat money, as the double accounts writing writes it as a IOU whereas it is a value in se. Both bnaknotes and bank money are IOU from the accounts point of vieuw which is false as from the moment of our acceptation of money it is the value and not a promise of the value.