Crypto Anthropology

Crypto Anthropology

Blockchain technology has spawned not only a new industry but also a set of subcultures within the cryptocurrency space. While these cultures have certain attributes in common, each group has its own individual characteristics that differentiate them from one another. This article is an anthropological overview by an author with absolutely no knowledge of anthropology. It may serve as a guide to those like herself who may inadvertently find themselves engulfed in a foreign culture, having mistaken one group for the other.

The Great World Truth Machine will govern people better than they govern themselves, by properly incentivizing appropriate behaviors.

Haven’t ever seen such a totalitarian etherean definition so far! I think it’s a miss-leading statement that worth to be reviewed Grace.
It’s not about governing people with incentives, that’s horrible… It’s about placing different systems, with different inventives and logics so allowing people to decide on what kind of sub-systems they want to participate and be part of, so people will learn How to govern themself, as (generally speaking) people don’t know how to do it.

So, none of the sarcastic statements about the other communities bothered you but a bit of humor about your community is a problem? This article is tongue-in-cheek.

Lol… Didn’t notice any sarcasm in whole article, so I was giving it a serious lecture…

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I will take that as a compliment. Dry humor should be borderline enough that it can be mistaken for seriousness.