Cross platform java has become my nightmare

“Together we can change the world, just one random act of kindness at a time.” ― Ron Hall

I am here to ask the experts for help;

That old saying is true, the only difference between computer users is whether or not they know they are hacked.

I’m writing this post on a page with community page URL verified by let’s encrypt.

Initially, it was on “https// wjv6gCe6UpXFhEQQ6Wdoh”

… that reformats url to reveal a hidden control character which on pasting into my on initial draft changed the text direction from LTR to RTL with the URL becoming: Secure”

I also caught the browser app sending an http request (when I’d typed an Https URL) to; 6/mf_584c7c50-de67-47f8-bfde -03415feeabdd/YXBpeDA3LWhhY2tlcm1vb24uY29t/feed” … Which is no DNS service I’m aware of; and the fact it says “feed” in there indicates a tangible link between my personal web browsing and real world harassment I’ve experienced that the authorities can’t give a darn about.

This means I don’t know what will happen when I click submit. I do hope one of those things is actually submitting something to someone who could help.

Other observations:
Captured network packets use differences in character encoding to rearrange key network calls, such as which security certificate they call (Microsoft office becoming let’s encrypt for example), becoming control character unpastable to other apps to show the comparison.

The identification keys from the initial certificate are then added to the response from the substitute; meaning that my computer thinks it’s talking to Microsoft, Microsoft thinks it’s talking to me, but they are both talking to a software middle man hidden in the network encoding; whilst simultaneously creating a software layer and open back door that gradually infects more of your system functions the more you investigate. It’s also a day zero.

I noticed other observable effects thanks to using the same email as both my Microsoft and Google login with different passwords, which confused the hell out of both me and it until I realised what was happening.

New apps either work on the first install, and then become compromised, or as is the case with antivirus; start as an older looking version only to be updated at a random date that doesn’t match Google play when they should have installed the new version.

Some apps like trinea dev tools reveal execution path of my apps such as:

"3 Button Navigation Bar
/product/overlay/Navigation BarMode3 Button/ Navigation BarMode3Button Overlay.apk

Adaptive Connectivity Services /data/app/~ahXlyldQ_6vjWvGU5UdOMtw==/ -8axy_yT3cEylq1 HsX-CQ0Q==/ base.apk

Adreno Graphics Drivers
/vendor/app/adreno-graphics_driver/ adreno_graphics_driver.apk


Amazon Shopping
/data/app/~~7wkBcPCNntFXlswsoeZOUQ==/ ing-yEERUPEFINpyvCxVtoL3WQ==/ base.apk

/product/overlay/AccentColorAmethyst/ AccentColorAmethystOverlay. apk

Android Accessibility Suite
/data/app/~70j_y8ULuGpQLWBd4NluEA==/ ck-WWqJSB7ebnjqrFVPL-HTag==/

…and uploaded apks to checking sites inevitably appear to be new unique submissions.

If you upload a new or reset APK from an app that was reset to default; it will always be able to execute code on boot.

Most miserably; It recycles what you do in a game like way, making you follow your own leads, spreads through networks by disguising it’s code in frames as described above and is triggered by the error checking process ro rebuild the altered mesaage. It’s especially good at hiding or intercepting information about tech support when you find something concrete.

It takes functions over as you use the system, meaning (according to my advertising choices) once you enable something, it can prevent it being disabled and vice versa. This means doing the correct secure action and the incorrect secure action end up being the same thing, and the only way to make the problem go away is to do nothing.

It doesn’t go away though, it’s always still there.

This has been controling the information I see, resources I can access and even jobs I apply for for 5 years.

Can anyone offer advice?