COVID-19: "In God We Trust, All Others Must Bring [CLEAN] Data"

COVID-19: "​In God We Trust, All Others Must Bring [CLEAN] Data"

In these difficult days for all of us, I’ve heard all sorts of things. From the fake news sent through Whatsapp, like vitamin C can save your life, to holding your breath in the morning to check if you’ve been hit by COVID-19. The mantra that everyone keeps repeating is “stay at home!”, okay fine, but what exactly does “stay home” mean? The question seems ridiculous when you think of a relatively short period, 15 days? A month? But if we look critically at the situation, we surely realize that it won’t be 15 days, and it won’t be a month. It will be a long, long time. Why am I saying this? Because “stay at home” doesn’t protect us from the virus. Staying at home is to protect our health care facilities from collapse. And I’m not saying that this is wrong. I’m just saying that if we want to protect the health care system from collapse, well then we’ll stay home a long, long time. But in doing so we will irreparably damage the economic system by profoundly changing our social and political model. It is inevitable. Let’s face it and not have too many illusions.

It would be interesting to see how data from Spain fits, since it is the country in Europe with the second highest epidemic spread. My view: not only the testing level is reduced, similar to Italy or lower, but also publicly issued infected numbers are not disaggregated into asymptomatic, mild, and hospitalised.

I agree with you @matencia. It is hard to run conclusions on Spain without data. I’m Swiss but I have since years Spain in my hart. I’m really sad about the situation in Spain. My personal opinion, similar to Italy Spain has a much bigger number of people infected and asymptomatic. Unfortunately the number of positive cases hospitalised is extremely high and is growing fast. Madrid is the epicentre and hospitals are collapsing. But is extremely important to manage the situation also thinking what will happen in 2-3 months. Once again, my personal opinion “aggressive testing” is the only medium- long-term strategy acceptable also to sustain the economy. We must think in the medium- long-term and act now.

The problem being that doing reliable testing seems to be as difficult as building respirators: