Copy to Follow "GET PUBLISHED?" Button [seeking feedback]

HI [JEFF] :wave:

you wrote a story, cool. before submitting this draft, we ask you to go over the complete hackernoon submission guidelines:

  • high quality text
  • tech expertise or quality perspective
  • only submit stories you own the rights to
  • disclose any vested interest
  • zero tolerance for nudity, violence or hate
  • be kind to your internet friends

Every story accepted to be published on hacker noon is shared under the hacker noon license. This non-exclusive license retains full content ownership to the contributing writer. Hacker Noon is granted the right to edit and distribute the story. Learn more about how they work: editorial & distribution.

A real live human will review your story in the next 3 business days.

[checkbox] I understand and agree


*bold = link to indepth definitions


“Every story published on hacker noon” ? Just thinking because if it’s published, the prerequisite is that it’s been accepted. :slight_smile:

I see what you mean, but I think this copy will live in the story submission workflow (before knowing if/when a story will be published).

Ah you’re right :slight_smile: Hadn’t thought in that context.

I like the ‘real live human’ part :sweat_smile:

hello how to publish my own article, sorry i am new to this hackernoon community

I like it - it similar to agreement that github asking to sign before contributing to big repositories. maybe you need to check their content for inspiration. Like it and very bold move. But! will this reduce convertion or not?


  1. use
  2. after 3 days of number one, post your request here: "Did you review my stories?" thread (for stories 4+ days overdue)

but if 4 days also over and article didnt publish then whom to talk
did you review my stories in this thread i already message but none of them really, sorry if i am impatience but as a new user i dont know what is the hackernoon procedure or timeline to review the story