Copy to Follow "GET PUBLISHED?" Button [seeking feedback]


HI [JEFF] :wave:

you wrote a story, cool. before submitting this draft, we ask you to go over the complete hackernoon submission guidelines:

  • high quality text
  • tech expertise or quality perspective
  • only submit stories you own the rights to
  • disclose any vested interest
  • zero tolerance for nudity, violence or hate
  • be kind to your internet friends

Every story accepted to be published on hacker noon is shared under the hacker noon license. This non-exclusive license retains full content ownership to the contributing writer. Hacker Noon is granted the right to edit and distribute the story. Learn more about how they work: editorial & distribution.

A real live human will review your story in the next 3 business days.

[checkbox] I understand and agree


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“Every story published on hacker noon” ? Just thinking because if it’s published, the prerequisite is that it’s been accepted. :slight_smile:


I see what you mean, but I think this copy will live in the story submission workflow (before knowing if/when a story will be published).


Ah you’re right :slight_smile: Hadn’t thought in that context.

I like the ‘real live human’ part :sweat_smile: