Contributing a story to Hackernoon


I’m new to Hackernoon and the instructions for contributing a story are very ambiguous. I’ve read the “Contribute to HackerNoon” page and I’m still uncertain about how to contribute a story.

Do I have to use Medium or Google docs to submit a story? What are the other options? Why use Medium to submit a story when Hackernoon is leaving Medium?


You can use medium draft to submit a story. Fill the form at after submitting your medium draft to hackernoon publication.


I can’t submit a Hackernoon story without registering for Medium?


Well, I think you have to register for medium, as hackernoon is still a publication there.


Yes, You must have a Medium account before submitting content on Hackernoon


this will not be true for long though. Once we launch, you can just submit stories directly on Having this community account will auto-create an account for you in the new Hacker Noon thanks to SSO :slight_smile:


Is there a launch date for that? I want to start contributing articles but I don’t have any desire to get involved with Medium due to their bias, censorship, and general awfulness.