Content Content Content!


I find myself constantly considering content: different forms, delivery methods, delivery styles, etc…

We have the podcast, which is a great way to consume large amounts of information on a particular subject and from particular points of view.

Trent’s been producing some breaking news segments where he pontificates on recent eye popping newsworthy moments happening in the world of technology.

I’ve recently produced a series of videos called 5 Minute #DevStories whereby we capture five minute presentations by developers.

I’m also working on readings for Top Articles (coming soon to a device near you) where I read the top articles from Hacker Noon’s contributing authors (if there are any articles you think are tippy top, please do let me know…).

So the question becomes, what else? What other types of content would ya’ll enjoy/receive value from Hacker Noon? What are your thoughts on the content thus far? What can we do to improve?