"Coding school" project diary

I’m applying here for get more interns

When I have a feeling that the developer gets used to coding at one repository.

I start to make his life a bit harder.

That feeling it’s easy to measure if the student can close a few tasks per day, able to refactor code, fix @TODOs, create tests for his methods and doing it without big stress.

For example, I’m not accepting his PR ASAP. Sometimes I ask for creating some additional changes rewrite a piece of code, split it into a few methods, add information at Readme.

It helps with discipline.
At work it’s a pretty common situation --> your code can be not perfect, but you feeling like you finish it and ready to move on.

When you finish it and ready to move on.

When you hear - “Please update it” --> you may feel upset.

This uphills and downsides helping you to master critical thinking at the development process.

It helps to understand, that quickly is not equal to better, because if you did something poorly --> you’ll be asked to rewrite your code.

For sure, code sometimes generates issues, that not easy to catch. Then it’s helpful to have Travis CI & CodeClimate, ESLint helps me --> errors prevent me from merging PRs by approving it.

And then I forced to ask for changes, so checks at all additional tools will pass green.

But I need to remember, that Travis CI works well only when we have good test coverage. Without tests, only most hard errors, that crash builds --> will be shown with error logs.

I need to check how this guys doing their work.
Looks pretty interesting…

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Back to Skillshare story. This is my current stats. I just make this course free to use, let’s see the difference.

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-1 for ideas. I tried and can be happy with it

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My second course was published at Udemy.
free with this link if someone interested: https://www.udemy.com/git-basics-and-merging-process/?couponCode=EUGENE


Part of my work at this project is to create some courses that can/should/hope give some exposure and show me as cool guy:)

@whizzoe check my latest post at this thread. it contain free links for Git course - I think you might be interested to attend it

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Hey, I haven’t read through all them messages in this thread but after reading your two articles on skillshare, I must say it is the best and most honest review I’ve read. I learned the same some time ago that self-publishing, whether it’s a course or ebook, is the best way to go.

You cannot rely on 3rd parties to market your content, but if they do and do the marketing very well, you can expect the majority of the sale price going to them.

This is why I try to teach authors to sell their content on their own platforms. In the end, you will still have to do some kind of marketing whether you like it or not.

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Just find a cool tool for recruiters
and awesome article about pre-hire assessments: https://candidatecode.com/articles/two_classes_of_coding_challenge

2 updates.
first paying user on udemy. looks like a profit!

and first certificate from it

@tom2 I think you’ll like this story.

As I have my own students - I just shared my courses for free with them. I think it’s fair. One of them, @vadim.putrov completed 3 courses and for sure I asked him to leave good review. He made it - share with me his profile screen - but at my acc 0 reviews appears from Vadim. I send request to support for sure.
Below is a screen of their reply. For sure, they trying to make it a better platform, no doubts. But again, Big Brother always watching. I’m not surprised, for sure. It’s not the first place where i’m trying to grow my profile and then get this kind of frustration. Just another point into building your own system instead of paying cuts.

I have this example in my head:
“For first generation you selling cocaine as part of the business, and then when you grow - you start to be a real estate developer.”

Similar to platforms - at first you trying to suck as much users inside of it. Then, when you have a scarsity - you make changes that will help you to make more money in more clean way.


Will wait when my comments and reviews will appear on Udemy.

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@vadim.putrov this meme is for you :slight_smile:

just got 10 reviews for my 3 courses. looks like achievement?

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copy-pasting it here. because courses related to this project

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Hi! Arthur, how is going on with coding school?