"Coding school" project diary

That wasn’t the text I posted at the end. It probably fetched what I wrote in-between the chapters.

Anyway I edited my review text, hopefully you will see update in some time.

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One of my inspirations for this project - just send she a request to chat.

More links to store!

Just serfing @vadim.putrov github account, link: https://github.com/vadim9999

And this graph catch my attention

If you play devil advocate(you don’t need - because Ukrainian recruiters will do that - they don’t check github accounts or pay attention to it) - you can tell me - “He did only a small or easy changes” (He don’t actually, but you can assume that) .

Fuck that - I don’t care if complexity is not similar to elephant weight. Complexity isn’t a main goal for me.

Main idea, for a starter, that don’t has a real experience before and put a lot of his time and effort into it - studied at college and learn a real development workflow --> it’s a huge accomplishment and I’m proud to be part of that progress.

This code an actual result that this project is working. And as you may know - doing something by other hands is much harder that doing it on your own. So it’s hard work from a both sides. It’s also a fun time for me. We cross a year at this week working together. Yay!

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will try to apply here, but it’s google so all is complicated, and also it’s a half summer done: https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/organizations/?sp-page=2

next wave will be at winter


Just read data from Russian speaking developers. Want to put this data here. I think the results are pretty interesting to think about.

Developers and side gigs(freelance) feedback from a survey.
Yes, it’s focused on Russia/Ukraine developers, but it can paint some pictures.

  1. About 60% of developers have a side gig. Fewer gigs have developers with experience 6-10 years. (We assume that they are building a career and put all energy into it?)

After 10 years of experience, a number of developers with side gigs is growing(the main job is secure but boring?)

  1. Usually, side gigs generate 10-20% of salary, and it similar for any experience. Ability to generate more than 50% amount of salary can be for people with > 3 years of coding experience.
    Result for > 3 years equal to 35% of people that completed this survey.

  2. Usually, side gigs came from friends --> 43% of gigs.
    Onetime gig sometimes generates clients with recurring tasks - 30% of gigs.

  3. Cheapest gigs usually came from friends. It’s about 10-20% from salary(You cannot charge full price, because it’s your friends?)
    Even gigs, that came from work colleagues generate more cash.

  4. Ok, gigs from friends generate less cash. if you want to do more, you should spend time on building your profile at Freelance websites. It can generate >50% amount of salary.
    Social networks are the second place for those developers as a source of gigs.

A lot of developers doing side gigs here.

60%. Usually, they make a small addition to the main salary: 10-20%. Main reason --> gigs came from friends. Because it’s the easiest way to get a client.

In the US, there a term - “gig economy”. By stats, in the US, about half of the workforce will be freelancers soon. We didn’t talk about developers only. We assume that for tech jobs this number will be even more.

This work will require more skills in order to succeed. Is that a time to a name a new profession - developer-entrepreneur?
Professional, that can increase his value, not just raise a salary bar will be popular, no doubts.
Pros should know how to sell himself. Because even a perfect product requires a sales tunnel.

i find this school doing a similar work

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Ok, as I need cash I’m making step back and trying online-courses moneymaking move again. as free course showing a promise - let’s see if massive upload will make a i\difference rigth now. it was a year ago when i start to work on the first course. i still have few pending, but right now i want to do a quick courses, not like to trying a solve a big problem. It can also raise some confidence and help me to speed up a launch of this school.
It can also help to perfect some of our small code-bases, that I plan to use as example for that courses.


OK, Officially mark this mount. it was very slow in the end for some reasons…

another company. but not doing very well i think But at least they have website and fb group:


How I’m teaching a bit of coding philosophy my interns.

When I feel that my developer/student/intern ready for more - I’m giving him a huge but interesting task. But before starting to work on this task - I’m asking to spend a few hours and think about how he/she will do this task. Like, create 5-10 sentences or questions.

When he did that quickly - because of he like a hound - ready to jump into a code - I’m requesting to add more details.

When we spend an additional 10 minutes I’m giving him another work.

You need to get feeling in the difference between “Create a plan how you’ll do a complex task yourself” and the next problem that he should solve. The main idea of doing it - set up the biggest bond and collaborate more closely. It provoking discussion, instead of just sitting and reading code.

This is the next question that I’m asking:
“How you will solve this: instead of doing a big change, that is hard to do (impossible to do quickly) it yourself” --> how you will explain the same big task to other developers and you are just an observer of this task.

Like a Project Manager, that can reply to questions but you don’t touch an exact code.

Other people can be less experienced than you or have less time to spend working with us/ don’t understand the whole codebase.

Then you will need to solve a task by explaining how to complete this task.

To make the process is more predictable and less buggy small changes steps. that is easy to manage.

You will need to spend time and create a detailed step by step plan that can be digestible by all member,s with different skillsets.

Then I’m asking this: “are you really really sure, that plan that you created will be enough to do it by other interns?”

Yeah, I’m scaring my developer with this question a bit.
And he should (I hope for it)
be forced to re-read the whole task description and conversations again and try to think about it again.
Wrapping his head around it is very helpful.

It eliminates errors, confusion, time for trying different things. Those other developers can spend and also help to master skills of planning his work(how to do code, without making a code)

It helps to master collaboration skills --> you asking more questions. Split biggest parts into small parts, clarify process and help to Plan your time/deadlines, which is also an important skill for developers.

He can re-imagine the whole process of doing this task at pseudo-code logic. I think it’s important to do with my team members, not only code together.

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I don’t know that google jump into HR business as well.

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Few minutes ago was added to another repo where students can find an internship: https://github.com/elaine-zheng/summer2020internships

same story again and again - he is a great guy, if someone want to hire him

Interesting. Their pricing point is quite competitive I suppose compared to existing players like monster and indeed.

Once they got data, they can breach every department. I suppose LinkedIn is in direct competition here.

I also came across this hiring company who got heavily funded.

Not sure when the hiring industry will attain its true intent, but it’s definitely finding a new footing in the tech age.

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@niravbhatt.cpp I also find it interesting and seems like they ship it quietly.

For google, that keep emails/contacts/calendars - i think it’s not a brainer to extend their monopoly here. Curious to see if it change something or make at least Linkedin suffer a bit.

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Interesting link. However I wonder how Angellist gathers and curates such data. With my usual login I visited each of those companies but found nothing related to hiring bootcamp engineers.

Angellist collect a lot of startup companies profile. They was a good place for get a recognition and receive first seed money, but right now they switch their focus and become a job board mostly. They have a HR pipeline tool and i think this is why they post a lot of recruting process nowadays.