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just dumping some links here



Retrospective of what tech i teached my students during last 16 months and my observations. [not finished. just skeleton. will be an article later]

  1. From beginining i give my students Loopback course. ~ 14 people attend that course.

    [links to share]
    Loopback it is an expressjs + ORM(briefly)

It is good starting point from DB architect + backender perspective.

It have problem: it require understanding a lot of different/unique for student stack(unique for student, not a real dev for sure)

  • advanced express server development skills
  • dev should know ES6 syntax
  • testing(Mocha/Chai)
  • MongoDB
  • Pug engine - promises + callbacks

And DB skills, aka tables composition(1-to-1, 1-to-many, PK, FK, etc) -> they struggle here.

  1. Next was React Meal collection articles. Around 30 people attend it.

I moved content from tasks into a separated website. you can find it here: https://groceristar.github.io/react-course/docs/tutorial/intro.html

then i improvise with:
2) React + Loopback one student only and it show us limitation about connecting this technologies
3) Plain JS/ES6 module
4) React
5) React + custom react modules between projects
6) Testing via Jest - still doing it. going from plain js tests to tests for react components
7) Flexbox - i created a separated video course for Udemy/Skillshare
8) GraphQL - about 15 people were attending that course.

9) Git (https://github.com/ChickenKyiv/awesome-git-article)
10) ML practice

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