"Coding school" project diary

Just find a cool tool for recruiters
and awesome article about pre-hire assessments: https://candidatecode.com/articles/two_classes_of_coding_challenge

2 updates.
first paying user on udemy. looks like a profit!

and first certificate from it

@tom2 I think you’ll like this story.

As I have my own students - I just shared my courses for free with them. I think it’s fair. One of them, @vadim.putrov completed 3 courses and for sure I asked him to leave good review. He made it - share with me his profile screen - but at my acc 0 reviews appears from Vadim. I send request to support for sure.
Below is a screen of their reply. For sure, they trying to make it a better platform, no doubts. But again, Big Brother always watching. I’m not surprised, for sure. It’s not the first place where i’m trying to grow my profile and then get this kind of frustration. Just another point into building your own system instead of paying cuts.

I have this example in my head:
“For first generation you selling cocaine as part of the business, and then when you grow - you start to be a real estate developer.”

Similar to platforms - at first you trying to suck as much users inside of it. Then, when you have a scarsity - you make changes that will help you to make more money in more clean way.


Will wait when my comments and reviews will appear on Udemy.

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@vadim.putrov this meme is for you :slight_smile:

just got 10 reviews for my 3 courses. looks like achievement?

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copy-pasting it here. because courses related to this project

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Hi! Arthur, how is going on with coding school?

@vadim.putrov it depends.

  1. As you know, right now I decide to film a few courses, that I uploading on Udemy. For me this kind of work related to coding school project.

  2. I also decided to share my journey at IndieHackers, because I think HN forum is not giving a lot of feedback for this moment. So I created a separated project there and uploading some information, aka milestones of what i’m doing.
    My prev course was hard to film, but I still have some energy for a few quick courses.

  3. At this moment I’m working on quick course that will touch only common git commands and talking about casual cases, that can/should be resolved with git. Most part of slides was filmed actually.
    So soon I want to publish this course. And I actually prepare some cool data, related to gitflow. I touch this workflow before, but I want to have a cool and separated course just related to it. So at least for now, for next few weeks I plan to finish and release one course and maybe slowly start to prepare slides related to gitflow.

  4. in order to get move views/exposure for my current courses I plan to create a few simple articles, based on data from my courses and share free link with Hackernoon readers.

  5. Then I want to make a quick website, where I put links, courses and message at one place that will be our face for this coding school. Now sure when I start to do it. Do you want to help me with that? And if we make a quick turnaround with that site - it will be lauched on producthunt and angellist

maybe i forget something, not sure

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Yes, I want help you to build website.
I have a question:
How do you plan to search companies that will give you students? Will it be Ukraine or countries around the world?

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Ok, tell me if 5-15 sentences what do you think we should have to build. We can use it as a plan! you can also re-read this thread for some features that I want to have. But I also want to make it easy to build and quick to launch, so I think the first version should have 15 pages max. Maybe even less number. If you can lead it - I’ll find some time to help as well.

  1. For the first few months after launch, I don’t plan any “invasion”. I think the easiest way is to promote it on producthunt, LinkedIn, word-of-mouth, angellist, hackernoon. Next step can be: look for 100 companies at Angellist that looking for interns, reach them and share our homepage. if it will be interesting or clear for them - they will reply back to us.
    Again, if it will show some quick results/promise - it’ll energize me for more crazy and fast moves. but now I’m frozen without progress :slight_smile:

  1. You know my opinion of local Ukrainian companies. I think they feel my opinion as well. there more fish worldwide for me. At least while I’m making a decision. I’m open to any opportunity, but they should make first moves. it’s just based on my experience
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My plan:

  1. First page should be face of coding school. There will be goals, about school, who created it.
  2. Create authorization. Each student will have login, password.
  3. After login student will see materials (links on your courses on udemy, our documentations on docusaurus).
    Authorization need to separate people for groups. For example if one company wants that student learn nodejs we should display specific materials.
    Stack of technologies:
    ReactJS + Redux
    all of this to deploy on heroku

ok, got it. Lets focus on simple version without any login system.
Only static stuff. @vadim.putrov

Udemy was approved my next git course!

As usually, link with a free 100 coupons is here:


hmm, 100 coupons was redeemed in 1 day…
Maybe Udemy goes crazy, not sure…

As I see that coupons are redemeed quickly - I decide to go crazy and shared another 1000 coupons for free.
Am i find bug - i don’t know. we’ll see