Code syntax highlighting in posts for React

I’m in the process of writing an article about working with forms in React and I can’t seem to insert code that is properly highlighted.

I’m clicking the code button, pasting my code in the way you’re supposed to, but user defined React elements seem to screw up the syntax highlighting.

Is there a fix for this or an alternative way of inserting syntax highlighted React code?

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what type of language are you using at code editor popup? can you also share a screenshot?

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Oh wow. I didn’t realize I could type React into the box for it to do React syntax highlighting. I got it working now, thanks.

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Glad to help.
Sometimes it can give you “not ok” results, because it depends on how you copy-pasted your code into that modal, but if some code not looks cool - i’m just pasting it again and format it a bit inside of our modal window

Hi @arthur.tkachenko, Hope you can review this content

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@arthur.tkachenko I checked you have published the content. Please check the draft, i have made a change to add a link, can you update that?

@andrea-gambier by link you mean ‘’, right? the problem is - promoting dev companies or scripts under personal profile is against our rules. I can propose to you to convert your account to brand with appdupe links. Do you want to know more?

@arthur.tkachenko I understand. Thanks for the prompt response.