Cloud Native Buildpacks AMA with Terence Lee and Joe Kutner of Heroku

Hello, we are Terence Lee and Joe Kutner, both working on the Platform Engineering team at Salesforce Heroku. We are also founding members of the Cloud Native Buildpacks project, and today we will answer any questions you have around Buildpacks, what they are, use cases, and how we use them here at Salesforce Heroku. If you are new to the topic and want to have some context before the AMA you can take a look at the following resources:

Thank you for joining us on July 28th, at 2 pm PDT / 5 pm EDT.


Hi, thanks for doing this AMA!
Love the Buildpacks! I was wondering how Buildpacks concept has altered since the time of its development and actual release?

Hello, Terence and Joe!

How does Buildpacks technology ensures that apps meet security and compliance requirements?

Thanks for your time!

Hi, glad to have you here!

How do you see enterprise apps landscape possible change because of the use of Buildpacks in the near future?

Hi Terence and Joe, appreciate what you’re doing with Cloud Native Buildpacks!

As for the current state of things, can an individual user create and publish their own buildpacks so that others could utlise this common knowdledge too?

Hi Joe and Terence!
Thanks for the materials provided!
What was the turning point for signaling that the Buildpacks is mature enough to use it in production since the beta release?

Welcome, Joe and Terence!

Can you name the use case of Buildpacks you are the most proud of till now?

Thanks for your time!

If you were asked to name 3 main differences in ideology behind Dockerfiles and Buildpacks, what would they be?


Hello, amazing to have you here!
Can you elaborate on how the use of Buildpacks could improve team’s productivity and/or efficiency?

In your opinion, what are some of the drawbacks of automation in general?

Hi Terence and Joy!
Do you see any competitors on the market for Cloud Native Buildpacks?

Thank you for taking your time!

Hi! From your expertise and experience, what do you foresee as the next major turning point for cloud native development?

All the best!

Hi there!
Can you list top 5 skills to master for someone who want to excel in cloud computing?


Hello Joe and Terence!

What is your dream project to implement in, say, 10 years?

Hey what will be the long term file type of images on the internet? .jpg, .png, .md, .eps, .svg, .ai, .pdf, .gif, .tiff, .indd, .raw — they all have different pros and cons ---- and I expect more image file types to emerge. Which one has the right mix of small size and higher performance?

Hi @jack-maccourtney, thanks for the kind words, and that’s a good question.

We’re working on a Buildpack Registry, that hopefully be available by the end of the summer. You read more about the concept here:

We’ll make a blog post when it launches:

@daniel-murphy You can read about our production readiness in the 2020 Roadmap blog post:

Our plan is to release a 1.0 by the end of the year, but platforms like Google App Engine and Google Cloud Run are already using Buildpacks in production.