Children's drawing competition "I paint the world"

An international children’s drawing competition “I paint the world”, dedicated to International Children’s Day, has been announced. Deadline November 10, 2021.

Contests for kids from any country in the world between the ages of 5 and 16 are invited to participate.

Drawings are accepted in the nominations:

  • “The city in which I live.” In this nomination, the contestant’s present works reflect the creative perception of the city or other settlement in which they live, significant moments in its history, monuments, and architecture.
  • " folktale". In this nomination, the contestants submit drawings reflecting various plots of folk and author’s tales of the peoples. The work should be given a brief explanation, revealing the plot and the work used. The use of foreign fairy tales, legends, and myths.

The drawing is performed by the participant independently, without the help of a parent or teacher. Drawings are made in A4 or A3 paper format.

Drawings are made on Whatman paper, watercolor paper, cardboard using various artistic materials (oil, watercolor, gouache, tempera, colored pencils, sanguine, pastel, ink, etc.). The Competition will not accept works made in the form of collages and applications, as well as works that are fully or partially performed using programs for graphic modeling and design.

Age groups of the competition: I age group: 5-8 years old; II age group: 9-12 years old; III age group: 13-16 years old.

Requirements for the format of creative works: works for the competition are accepted exclusively in electronic form (photo or scan) in jpeg (or other raster graphic formats) or pdf; the size of work: at least A4 (210x297 mm.); resolution: not less than 300 dpi; volume: no more than 20 Mb. The competition work must be accompanied by a Participant’s Questionnaire in the proposed form, which is filled out and sent along with the creative work. When preparing the work, the use of digital technologies is prohibited, the use of any computer programs for image processing is not allowed - with the exception of scanning or photographing the work.


  • Winners (1st place) and prize-winners (2nd, 3rd place) are determined in each nomination and in each age group of participants and are awarded diplomas of the competition and valuable prizes.

Application for participation in the international children’s drawing competition


  1. Surname and name of the participant or creative pseudonym

  2. Age of the participant

  3. Place of residence (country, city, region, region, settlement, etc.)

  4. Educational institution (if any)

  5. Nomination in which the work is submitted for the competition:

a. The city I live in

  1. Title of work

  2. Email address of the teacher or parent (legal representative)