Chernobyl, HBO - let's discuss


As I’m from Ukraine, and I see a lot of discussion about this topic - it worth talking.

I’m also a fan of Kurchatov, that was a father of nuclear exploration - so this tragedy maybe prevent(slow down) to have “clear” energy


Hey! I actually binged on the miniseries and tbh I like it. My grandpa used to talk about “the big Soviet nuclear tragedy” when I was little and now I kinda know what it’s about. I think the series is great, just cannot get over the British accents :sweat_smile:

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There a lot of controversy going around of this show. For example, one goverment party in Russia trying to hide this series from Russian people. Because it somehow touching their feelings about past (hmm).

There some scenes that was actually added for drama, but a lot of people-liquidators telling that it’s very real movie and they was very touched during time of watching them.

Lol, actually one of channels in Russia also wants to create their own show - like a reply to HBO(we’ll see - with big probability it will be bad).

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Yeah it was touching to me at least. I have read an article about some perspectives that the series is different from the real event. I can’t verify the information, it happened even before I was born :sweat_smile:

OH LOL yesss I read about that as well. That channel thinks that the Muricans don’t quite understand what really happened then and now they want to create a show to present the whole truth. Well we will see but I don’t have high expectations on it either. I don’ even know if they are r e a l l y gonna do this or not.

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Hey Arthur, Chernobyl shocked me as well but to be honest I think it is good, we always under estimate the impact of things and sometimes it takes a slap in the face to realize that people still suffer for Chernobyl. Like anything, we should take it as something educational.

It is interesting what you are saying about Russia hiding the show. Are they not able to stream it at all? Do Russian people use HBO a lot?

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