Capital One data breach leads to Lawsuit filed against GitHub

The drama and controversy is growing rapidly! Additionally, a New York Attorney General announced they’re opening an investigation a few days prior. Republic leaders of the House Oversight and Reform Committee are requesting immediate answers about the breach as well. This is looking like it’s going to continue to evolve into quite a memorable moment for both GitHub and Capital One.

From the lawsuit:

“This outside individual (“the hacker”) posted this Personal Information on, GitHub’s website, which encourages (at least friendly) hacking and which is publicly available. As a result of GitHub’s failure to monitor, remove, or otherwise recognize and act upon obviously-hacked data that was displayed, disclosed, and used on and by GitHub and its website, the Personal Information sat on for nearly three months”

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The “encourages (at least friendly) hacking” part really adds quite the irony. This story really does keep getting more and more interesting. :sweat_smile:

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