Canonical URL problem with old story


About a year ago I published a story on HN that was previously published on my blog (at this url: ).

The canonical URL was properly set on Medium.

Then you moved to your own domain, and now the canonical URL is messed up, and the HN link out-ranked my blog on google search result…

I can’t see on the interface how to change the canonical URL.

Here is the story:

Can someone help me switch this back to the right canonical URL?

Thanks for your help.

PS: Compared to the original one, all code blocks style are completely messed up on HN, but that’s another problem :slight_smile:

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Hi Sahin Kevin, nice to meet you.
will take a look on that. Can you tell me - did you create a hackernoon 2.0 account and link with your medium account?


if you upgrade your account to hn2.0 version - i’ll be able to edit/view your story and we’ll put a canonical link to your blog post. Buzz me when it’ll be done

Hey Arthur,

Yes I think I did.

I created an account on with the same email address as my medium profile, and then I added my medium handle here:

Here is my medium profile:

Do I have to put the “@” sign in it?

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I think you fill form correctly.
this is mine, for reference

I see your profile here:
will try to open your article right now


Thanks !

I saw the canonical didn’t change so I guess something is still wrong?

This is a draft URL of your story
I updated code/images, but please check it too and update if something is not ok.
When you confirm that your story looks good - I’ll publish it and then we’ll be able to see canonical changes.

Btw, tell me if I need to update other stories that you have as well.


Hey Arthur,

Thank you very much for this. It seems good to me :slight_smile:

There is the same thing to do for this story: (canonical URL to fix, and some images / strange formating).

I don’t really understand what happened, everything looked good when you were on medium.



first story republished. opening second one

Can you take a look this draft for mistakes?
and I didn’t add canonical link

What do you think about this article: should we republish this story as well?


The draft seems good to me! Can you add the canonical link ?

No I’m good don’t republish this other story.

Thanks a lot Arthur!

can you share with me canonical link please? will add it - not a problem at all

Yep sure: (the blog moved to this new domain)

Thanks !

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Perfect thanks a lot Arthur :pray: !

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