Canoncial link missing? [resolved]

Hey everyone,

I’ve noticed that submitted article hasn’t had a canonical links from the “First Seen At”. I’ve had a look at some other articles and it appeared the canonical isn’t on any. I’m a bit worried about duplicated content, as the articles are all from my blog originally. Did I miss a change or is something broken? I can provide examples, if needed.


Hey @David,

maybe you can share some insights on my question mentioned above?


Hi Peter,

I’m also having this issue, and it stopped me from posting to Hackernoon because I don’t want to get a duplicate content penalty.

See this one, has no canonical but it’s setup.

Ah, good to know it’s not just an error I’ve got.

Hey @daily-dev-tips & @spekulatius we found and fixed this bug. I see it live now:

Hey David, thank you so much, I’ll be posting more!

Hey @David,

thank for you for fixing this bug, highly appreciated! I’ve checked my published articles and found one which isn’t having the canonical as expected: Maybe your team could have a quick look if there is anything I did wrong? The “First Seen At” is set to the original URL afaik. Thanks in advance!

Cheers and have a good weekend,

My most recently published story ( has no canonical either @David