Cancel culture

I thought about issues surrounding this issue of ‘Cancel Culture’ lately, as an election candidate in my country has been in the news for a police report made about her social media posts 2 years ago, in which she (who is only 26 years old), made an emotional comment that some people may find offensive or even racist in nature. With the millennials growing up on social media, should they need to sanitize their posts before standing for office, and how many years back will people try to probe into?

Personally, I refrain from making political opinions on social media (generally, I dislike engaging too much about emotions on social media), but I think it’s quite unfair to dig up something that was expressed as an emotive status post on Facebook from years ago - to have one moment of anger or negative vibes work against the total body of your work.

There are other people currently in the throes of this issue, famously, JK Rowling’s tweets are often mentioned in news articles.

What does cancel culture mean to you, personally?

How are we able to otherwise express our feelings openly without being judged as racist or transphobic, etc?

I thought an opinion article with a technology focus would make a great article for Hacker Noon!

Thoughts , anyone ?