Can we delete our stories on Medium?

I am talking about the stories that are successfully migrated.

Some suggests:

  1. Can we have a pinned story?
  2. Can we move “old” Medium stories from Archived section to “regular” story section? My last story ain’t the best, so…
  3. Can we republish old Medium stories? Not all at once, of course. Be allowed to do so once in a week, so we can give good stories one more round of fair exposure. See the real and fair numbers of views, for a change.
  4. Can we submit other old Medium stories not previously published on HN and then if accepted, delete them on Medium?

Believe I asked some good questions on behalfof all contributors and gave some good suggests.

Thank you.

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Thanks for your questions, Nesha.

This is something we can think seriously about. Giving authors the ability to feature their stories on their own profile page. Will add to our queue

Not currently, unless you republish them.

Yes! Shoot me an email and we can see about replacing them with the old archive ones.

Absolutely if you wish :slight_smile:

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Wow, that was a reply at the speed of light. Kudos!

Regarding republishing. Where to send an email? To support or?

Or just go to the archived story, edit and publish again?

If you’re talking about an email, guess that’s an email with a story’s link. Right?


Yes - is the way to go :slight_smile: I saw your email. Will try to get to it today.

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Awesome. Plan to do it on a weekly basis.

As we republish, I will automatically delete it on Medium, till it’s nothing left there.

Hacker Noon baby, only!