Can robots rebel against us? Kill us? Are we doomed?

My friend and I were discussing how technology affects our life and how close we are to a reality that 80% represents one in Black Mirror series (a reality where robots/cookies dominantly help us perform tasks) the other day.

That discussion lead me to realize something at that moment: with the same resources, different methods can be applied and half of them can turn out badly. For example, if you are able to transfer all your memories/past events/thought process (that makes you who you are today) to a robot or a cookie (it has your personality), and ask the robot to perform something as simple as invite a friend over to your house for a party - how sure are you that the robot will bring that friend over, alive? Even if we program some codes into the robot to eliminate all the possibilities that can go wrong (or really wrong - in the case of death), there are still loopholes that allow the robot to come up with something different and new base on the resources we’ve given it. We human have something that bound us from doing certain things, and that is our morality (controlled by thoughts, emotions, fears, etc.) - but robots will never be able to have that (although, never say never). Of course, they certainly can help an old person cross the street or provide food for the poor (because they follow the codes/memories of us doing that before in the past, not because they feel responsible or happy to do that). Each human has witnessed some terrible things, and I believe the robot is able to integrate those terrible things together to create something even more terrible, just to do the job they are asked to. Personally, I believe that robots can rebel against human in the future (all the more reason why we should be more careful with technology), not in a way that they can come up with something themselves but rather create something out of the resources we provide them, something that even us haven’t even thought about.

So, what’s your philosophy on this? Do you think this is in no way happening in the future? If you agree with me, how do you think robots can rebel against us? And are there ways to prevent that (other than well, killing or stop using and producing technology), or are we doomed doomed? :joy:

Feel free to argue with me and share your thoughts on this whole robot thingy!

My two cents :wink: