Can other of my stories be moved into HN2.0

There is no rush to reply right now. I know that the whole team is busy with migration.

As I understand, other publications that David & Linh owes will not be supported on Medium as well.

So I want to move everything here and be happy with views.

what i want to ask. Some of my content is old and poorly written. If someone from Editors can help me with basic advices - it will be perfect and speed up my break up with Medium.

  1. I think this article is good, so I just need to copy paste a content and send it to review. Tell me if i’m wrong.










there will be more links later. just want to put the basic first


@arthur.tkachenko the first step is to get the articles in the 2.0 system ( is the place to be). From there, you can submit them and the editors can take a look. I was going to ping them on here, but honestly, they’d just have to look at the article again in 2.0 before publishing. So: the answer for now is, to copy-paste your articles into the 2.0 editor and submit them! :slight_smile: In the future, we will have better import options, but for now, copy-paste is the way to go.

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got it - great idea and less confision!

just worried that some articles with bad formatting or my bad English will be published