California's Female Tech Superheroes


Meet California’s top women in tech. From streaming services to self-driving cars, these female innovators are changing the face of technology as we know it


why not. the title however is self-alienating.


What do you mean by self-alienating? I don’t see anything that comes off alienating to me.


What do you mean by self-alienating? I don’t see anything that comes off alienating to me.

my apologies it could be how i use english, since it’s not my native language. what i mean is i have never encountered title’s such as - ‘some state’s male tech superheroes’. i would think, even metaphorically speaking superheroes are measured or valued by results not by their gender. the self-alienating part comes from the ‘gender’ specifier which creates some sort of polarity that is restrictive in my personal reaction in other words i didn’t know how to react to that type of success being gender careless with regards to technical fields. i hope i could explain myself.


I see. It can be a tricky issue. I’m a white male so I certainly have no authority to speak on behalf of a disempowered group that I don’t belong to. But I have absolutely no problem when a group assembles to build a support structure to empower its members. I feel a little less comfortable when groups try to empower members by excluding other groups. In this case, I see only inclusion and would not feel alienated if I were to attend the event to show my support.


I do agree with this part. Everyone should want to be fairly judged by the content of their character and the value of their accomplishments. Not by the color of their skin, their sex, or any other attribute they have no control over. It’s just a shame we don’t live in that world today.


yes sir. i’m pretty sure i’m missing out cultural peculiarities of that title as well. maybe at some point there were or are still present sex discriminatory practices within california’s tech industry. in an attempt to level the situation titles as such are inevitable, i’m just doing guess work here. so i decided to look around and the first result was this: personally i’m against class segmentation and by class i mean any behavior that can act as a classifier and create polarization, like male|female, black|white in technical fields, where brain power is the only currency of a value. if sexism really exists in silicon valley, then i can now understand the need to introduce sex in titles. but then i have another problem understanding the following: if the strive for sex to technicality transparency ratio is so strong why defeat the effort with opacity? wouldn’t be the title - “california’s tech superheroes” more appropriate and diffusing?