Buy BTC with a card. Is it that straightforward?

Now when the gold of cryptocurrency is back above 10,000 USD, many of us are looking for ways to but it. If you are not new to this, you are lucky because you already know where to buy you crypto from. Where is the best service and price. But if you`re a new comer-this will definitely be a headache for you if you want to buy BTC with a bank card.

Wait, but why is that? First, there are many exchanges out there offering the same service. Second, we all know the fomo feeling. You go to the first available merchant, overpay in fees etc. What is leads to is that you don`t get the best value for your money.

Wait again, but why is that? Basically, when you go to the first available merchant, with a 60% chance that will be Coinbase, or BTCBIT, or even Paybis. We disregard Binance because it is more complicated, lets face it, and requires a deeper understanding of what the market price is etc. Common, you`re new to the market, you want a straight and instant buy option. And right now.

The three platform I have outlined above are good, do not get me wrong. But these platforms are well-known brands. Brands cost money. This is why you overpay. Yes, functionally they are great but out there are many other platforms doing the same job and what is most importantly-they are cheaper. Price is the ultimate indicator you are looking at as it determines the profitability rate. As a result, it is time to look for a suitable alternative. The exchange which really deserves its attention, is Bit4sale. Instant release of coins to your wallet once you make a successful transaction. The only service offered is crypto purchase via credit or debit card, and is what we`re really looking for.

Is it really cheaper? See it yourself. Paybis charges way more. What about the verification? There is one, all clients are verified. But it is no longer and difficult compared to the bunch above.

You may also want to check the reviews of the exchange. They are good. Not as many as other exchanges, but unless they are real.

You dont like Bit4sale? Ok, there are other ones. Onfomo. Just research some other ones. Don`t just overpay if you wish to buy BTC with a card. Brands are good, but ultimately more expensive.