Business Proposal: The Virtuous Circle of Promoted Tweets


Hello, I have a simple proposal for promoted tweets. What do you think of it?

Sidenote before we get started: Organically every tweet gets tweeted a minimum of 3x over 6 months.

When brands publish with us, they can also promote the tweet from Hacker Noon. This is the form:

30% amount brand spends goes toward the budget to promote the tweet from the Hacker Noon account. These promoted tweets only say hacker noon headlines and link to hacker noon (brand as author) content.

Now the I suggest the profit margin (70%) be reinvested in promoted tweets to amplify the reach of the best stories on Hacker Noon.

This would be a break even program for Hackernoon to increase the size of its customer base, the reach of our story distribution, and the overall size of our community.

More money spent on promoted tweets = the faster our community grows. It also will help amplify the readership of the best stuff. It’ll feel good to see tweets with our best stories being heavily heavily RT/replied with new readers.


@David , it’s an interesting model. Perhaps a more reasonable rate will make it more appealing and therefore perhaps a more successful long term strategy? Relocating resources for the good of the community is of course a good cause. I suggest you experiment by doing 30% fee as it were to kickstart interest, later perhaps increasing it to 40%.

If you want to take a bit further, I would, incentivise for higher budget - so that it’s in steps, similar to event tickets, i.e. higher percentage, e.g. 30% for up to $200, 20% for up to $500, 15% for up to $1000 and 10% from $1000 onwards. That way companies get lots of incentive to promote and higher incentive to promote with bigger budgets.

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Incentivizing for a higher budget makes a lot of sense! But I think the tiers would actually be flipped, spend more and higher percentage of budget goes to brand’s promoted tweet. Something like 30% for up to $300, 40% for $300-1,000 and 50% for $1000+. More total money spent could lead to more total money to promote organic top stories.


Apologies @David for not being more clear, that is what I meant - the more they spent the less HN keeps and more goes towards their brand.
Also, maybe something to incentivise how often they promote - e.g better rates for 5+ promos / month; get premium placement briefly for the brand that spent the most this month, etc.
I’d also test out annual subscription that gets them better rates. E.g. $5,000 upfront membership fee gets them 5% better rates.

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