BTC correction coming

BTC will drop . Act accordingly.

why do you think this?

Based on what? Fundamental analysis of the Bitcoin network showing bottomed and now increasing usage.

Because for most people, when they think of cryptocurrency’s they think of BTC.
If BTC wants to be mainstreem it has to be accessible price wise, not just be a plaything
for the big boys. Aside from it’s crazy ups and downs 18000- 9000 USD, feels more
like a stock option. Regulation is an other hurdle, more and more countries introducing
it, like Germany, Brazil, U.S… And when Walmart jumps on bitcoin do you imagine getting
your change in bitcoin , and by the time you get home it will be worthless ? And in this
all new cozy cryptoworld what will you give the homeless and beggers -hashes?
Usually when you talk about a currency it is pegged to something ,something of value.
Try explaining blockchain to people why it has value. It all started with the idea of
decentralization. Like the banking sector. Neobanks not doing so well. There is no trust.
And for all the cryptocurrency’s ,trading,exchanging,keeping, at this point in time , trust
is an issue.

The bitcoin block chain is unable to handle mainstream the original idea that Bitcoin would replace Fiat as long since been dead. Think of 2017 to send $10 usd you could be facing fee’s between $15-$30. Japan is developing there own crypto currency Facebook is launching Libra the network is ran on speculation no one knows exactly what’s gonna happen one thing that is for sure is after all coin’s are mined there wont be any more incentive for miners and this is happening soon than later.

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