Broken images in my article

Hi – two images are broken in my article. I have edited and replaced them twice but they are visible in editor form and then become broken images when I publish.

thanks ,Justin

Hi Justin, sharing with our developers

thank you. here are the images (in case that’s helpful)

thanks! while it’s yearly morning for our guys, will try to play with formatting and maybe it will help

ok, let me know if you want to do anything.

i think it’s related to our new feature, when readers can react with our emojis.
i made some changes, but can’t check them while cache is not expired. will wait a bit for that.

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I think we made some changes, but one image is still broken on my side. Can you check on your side, please?

Hi - It is still broken. It appears not broken in preview. I switched out the image again and it didn’t seem to help. here it is in preview:

@arthur.tkachenko I’m having the same problem with this article – 5 images are broken : /

Now only two images are broken, but changing the formatting, saving the file under a different name or as a different file format, etc. hasn’t fixed it (looks fine in preview – broken when I publish)