BOOM! Decentralized Commerce

Hey Hackers!
People are very excited about decentralizing finance and shaving off 1%-2 off of CC transaction fees. Meanwhile, Amazon is charging independent merchants 50% and more in commissions and fees, Apple is charging 30% app developers.

BOOM! is a project that will change this, by creating a decentralized commerce ( platform. We’re starting by creating an open advertising platform (on a blockchain) where independent publishers, content creators, influencers can monetize their audience in a transparent, fair, and sustainable way.

  1. Consumers receive better offers, pay less and have better choices
  2. Content creators monetize relevant content by promoting independent businesses (both online and brick-and-mortar) and specialized, local and niche products and services. They get paid more and have full transparency over success rates and purchases (no attribution problems).
  3. Merchants generate more sales from loyal consumers. They only pay affordable success fees (no up-front or pre-pay costs, no pay per clicks that don’t convert).

I’ve published a post on HN today, our manifesto explaining the details:

We also have this silly explainer vided:

Check out our website:

I’m happy to get into more details and answer any questions.