Bonus Design Update: Contributor Profile I-1


To wrap up the week I am pleased with the present you all with the first round look at the Contributor Profile.

Thanks to some wires from @David, I was able to create a space for you all to showcase all of the work you contribute to Hackernoon.

Some of the main focuses include:

  1. Recommended/Top Stories — ideally v2 will support for self-curation of your top stories. We want you to be able to display the pieces that are most important to you and that you’re proud of!

  2. Other ways to support — Have a book on Amazon? A project on GitHub you want to open source? Or maybe just showcasing your site? We’re giving you some space to link to all the things important to you that support your work on Hackernoon.

  3. Latest stories feed — I’m aiming for every profile to have a steady feed of your content. No bouncing between pages or relying on outbound linked search results. Your content lives here so you and everyone else can find it.

As you can imagine we’re still working out what sections are going to best serve the community, so if you all have any ideas please let the product team know! Hackernoon isn’t Hackernoon without you after all!


Love the #2, I think this is a very important point for writers. People usually want to get exposure and while some publishing platforms like Medium gives you a wide range of readers, It’s kind of hard to take advantage of it and talk about your own projects.

Quick feedback:
I know the design isn’t final, but It feels kind of cluttered as if it was just thrown in one place. Adding something like contrasting colors will help distinguish the difference between sections.

BTW, been following the product updates, love what you’ve done so far!