Blockchainizing the Digital Arcades

Blockchainizing the Digital Arcades

Commending Good Crypto Galleries and Gaming Projects

Hey, at the end of the day, theory to be better is great, but what’s happening in practice is what counts. any idea what the daily or monthly user numbers are for your examples (pixEOS, MakersPlace, and EverdreamSoft Crystal Suite) ??

btw, love the comic style art.

Regarding what is happening in practice, I have written about that in the past in great detail but it could use an update since that was about 4 months ago. I don’t have current exact user numbers for any of these platforms, but that would be another good article to research and write. However from memory, here are the numbers I am aware of. I recall that there are over 30K unique addresses that hold PIXEOS tokens. Regarding EverdreamSoft, I can say that this past month for their Spells of Genesis game, I came in about 350th place in their leaderboard, and I am an average player. So there must be hundreds more users at least. As for MakersPlace, they are 1 year old, and over 7K different pieces of rare digital art were issued on their marketplace. My own MakersPlace portfolio has been viewed over 1600 times, and in the past month they rolled out a new feature where collectors can “Follow” artists that they like to get email notices when these artist post new work for sale, and 120 different people “Followed” me in the past 30 days.

Glad you like my comics too.

“it’s not that you need to know this, but many are already having fun with it as well as building unique businesses around it.”

Applies everywhere in life. lol.

And those are impressive stats you just posted in the comments. More so because the industry is relatively new. It speaks volumes of the adoption that’s happening.

Blockchain is sure to give a completely new shape to the art and gaming industry. CryptoKitties was only the start.

By the way, why does show a server hangup?

ooh, games and art on the block. they are so unique. Modern art in its true form, I’d say.

“Yet beyond this gut-level appeal, there is a depth of true innovation going on underneath the hood.” You said it quite perfectly here and the paragraph following this.

Can I see more of your artworks?

@nakamotovision Agreed! We are in the garage/office startup days for crypto businesses… where legends are made.
As for, it works fine now. That link always redirects to my main page.

@birdontheblock Yes, interest in this is only increasing. It will be fascinating to see what unfolds next.

Thanks @ETHfanboy as it sure emphasizes the “modern” in modern art. As for viewing more of my artwork, you can go here: