Blockchain, P2P, Incentivized, Compensating IP Owners: AVXChange


AVXChange is the project to follow in 2019.
MVP: Yes
Regular updates: Yes
Knowledgeable team: Yes
Custom Blockchain: Yes
Incentived P2P: Yes
Compensating IP Owners: Yes

Just a few reasons to follow AVX.
I will share updates and articles relevant to AVXChange in this thread.
Questions and comments are welcome as well.
See ya! :v::v:
#DLT #Blockchain #Technology #P2P #Cryptocurrency


AVXChange was able to secure a booth at the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit Spring 2019 event. The event was very well organized, never a dull moment, real projects and people and so much positive energy!
Thank you to the organizers, staff and all other attendees for an unforgettable experience!
Here’s some pics with friends and visitors.