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Thats nice could have an opportunity talk with each here.
Let me introduce that
We are a company established in 2013 upon 6 years bespoke and finished app apk coding, the software had been spread by customers over the world and achieved good reputation.
We are able to make the software as below hope may you interesting in any one
-Block chain and related Dapp developing
-Farm planting and crop/ chess card games
-Government building modeling´╝îhealthcare crowd funding´╝îelder retirement life industry chain´╝îuniversity teaching course software.
-Online shopping mall ´╝îIOS Android app apk and etc
Above are only the finished products and some of bespoke software showing for consideration we are not limited to
If any software need solution or assistant just write to me without hesitation.
If you have any idea regarding the block chain we could help put it into reality.
Contact me if you wanna have you own crypto products.
Best regards

Ryen Yue

DL Qianyuan Tech
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HP +8613354019883