Big Data: Outcome based treatment, or fear the boogie-man corporate budget grab? A look at the data behind Missouri’s compliance with the Affordable Care Act legislation and comical effect our government at it’s finest

Abstract: We complete an independent statistical analysis of the adoption of prenatal drug testing, it’s implementation, how it’s being applied in practice, and what effect it has had on outcomes for those involved. Currently, the public and the medical community have been restricted to aggregate level reporting provided by the Missouri Dept. of Social Services. After, make some sunshine requests, hopefully get the data I need (which, surprise, is the exact data they do not want to release) such that we can verify those results.

Then publish some they may have neglected to notice…. Most notably the shocking lack of objectivity and science among supposedly objective providers, a trend toward follow the money and comply among administrators.

Admins who burn the cash, which is promptly snorted and washed down with a Redbulltini. After all, there is a long day of prescribing our kids amphetamines and flea flicking 80mg OCs to eager patients? Did I mention meth zombies, cooked babies, ephedrine parties and frankly dangerous group-think? You like your shake of ‘my already overinflated ego getting pumped up a smidge with air I just sucked out of the lungs of a girl on a respirator’ laced with the pure zen power of ‘laughing at patients who are having an unexpected natural birth because a moral judgement with no scientific medical basis was mad, and besides, it’s fun to laugh at the expense of people who are actually suffering as long as one maintains their moral superiority.

Still with me? You’ve came to the right place…. It’s like 1984 except it’s 1941 the air is fresh with Zyclon-B. Is it getting warm in here?

“I don’t usually get Jimmy hooked on heroin and meth, but when I do, I make sure to fuck him till his ass bleeds and belly laugh with a couple buddies in on the show reinforcing my self-righteousness.” You do look a bit like Jesus.

So… Back to the data and some simple logical inferences. Whoever the fuck let the frat party loose on this shitshow needs to take some of their own medicine. We’ll start with some rather obvious hypothesis (I like to have my confirmation bias and eat it too, but I’ll at least make hypothesis, and test them with, like, data, no one else did Dr. Moral Crusader). Yay, umm math and all things sciency? You know where this is going, and you are just as big of an ass hole as the 14 year old heroin addict the medical community got hooked and now throw out into the sewer with the rest of the mental garbage that has accrued with the entitlement and privilege that have lead you to believe can only be cured by doing yoga with your dog and losing the last brain cell you might have left before jumping on this bandwagon down shit creek. Hint: the data is not on your side. But then, we knew that already didn’t we.**

Fact based medicine is laughing you out of the room. I’m not even going to google that for you. Unfortunately, legal drugs have been shown to have more detrimental effect than methamphetamine or cocaine or bath salts.

**For educated, compassionate, human beings that still have a soul and the ability to think abstractly (no, that chrome blue paintjob on your new Benz does not qualify as abstract thought) this should be scary. We have medical professionals, aka scientists, letting this happen. Shame on all of us.

The end does not justify the means. If it did, I have some ideas about where any Doctor’s medical license should go who condones this sort of behavior and give not a damn about the circumstances it goes in the trash and burns. Spike their OJ with acid and tell the boss they are on drugs for all I give a fuck.

We are all guilty. Every minute we give in to the thought something material is worth more than the people around us, this is what we will get and what we deserve.

No, I’m not joking. Back to utilizing technology to sell stupid people shit they don’t need for a few dollars and my soul going to sign the petition to hang Snowden I hope you are all on board.