Best video game soundtracks?


I’ve found some of the best coding music is in game soundtracks. Like this orchestra playing music from the Legend of Zelda series:

What are your favorite video game soundtracks?



The Mario one gets stuck in my head…



can’t go wrong with Japanese game music! :smiley:



Hard to beat the Legend of Zelda. If I ever learn a musical instrument, that’ll be the first thing I attempt to learn…likely followed by denial, frustration, giving up, and starting over playing Mary Had a Little Lamb.



In terms of nostalgia you really can’t beat The Legend of Zelda, or Nintendo games in general.

The best of the modern games though, for me, hands down, is Borderlands 2. Each location has it’s own music written specifically for the environment and each have varying intensities depending upon the specific circumstances you’re in. All of which, I would say, are flawless in both composition and execution. I felt completely connected to the game at every level, from the opening screen to the end credits. Having said all of that, though, I would say it’s largely unforgettable. I can recall the main theme of every shigeru miyamoto made game I ever played, but I can only vaguely recall just two or three bits of music from Borderlands 2.

Which raises the question: what constitutes “best”



I agree, Nintendo games have some of the “best” music, in terms of “stickiness”. In this case, I’m looking for the best soundtracks to code to, but I welcome any soundtrack you consider the best, whatever that means for you. :slight_smile: I’ll have to check out Borderlands 2 – I never played the Borderlands games in-depth, just a few co-op sessions with a friend.



The Zelda theme is actually pretty easy to play on the piano / keyboard, if you want to pick that up. :smiley: Next time we get together, I’ll bring my mini-keyboard and show you. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, pick up an Akai MPK Mini Mk. II. It’s about 100 bucks, and totally worth it if you want to pick up the keyboard.

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Aha. Got it. Well, I gave up coding many years back (I think you can still see the scars on my forehead from the experience), so…

Borderlands is your typical diablo-style rpg, first-person shooter, but the stories are fun, and the humor (especially B2) is top-notch. I personally prefer third-person shooters, but this one I sort fell into and fell in love with as I was returning to video games after a long hiatus, so it just sort of stuck.

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Ukulele’s actually a pretty easy instrument to learn. Just sayin’…



Awesome. I’m not opposed to learning the keyboard at some point. Seems like a natural fit for someone who does a lot of typing.



I’ll have to write a thoughtful essay to pass your student evaluation test. How many lessons do you think it would take to play the Zelda theme song?

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which mini-keyboard do you have? I have the Korg microkey. Used it for a year when I first started composing professionally. :smiley:



Nice! I have the Akai MPK Mini Mk. II. It gets the job done…but it’s only 25 keys, I believe. I’ve been eyeing a couple of 49-key controllers lately. What are you using these days?



oh, that’s not a bad keyboard! I had a choice to get that or the KORG. But back then I didn’t have a clue on how to use the drum pads.

I’m currently using the Nektar Impact LX49. You can consider getting that but I’d like to add that my mod wheel just started being wonky last month. The first and only issue after four years of daily usage. :slight_smile: Comes with them knobs and drum pads. I still don’t use them… :sweat_smile:

The Akai MPK 49 is great. I know lots of folks using it and they highly recommend it.

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I never thought of an entrance exam. What a great idea!

Whether you can play it in a day or in a month would depend on how refined you want it. You could pluck out the melody in a day, but if you want to accompany it with chords, that would take longer…

This guy does Zelda pretty well:



In no special order:

  • Halo (any game, but Reach and ODST stand out in their uniqueness from the others)
  • Ori and the Blind Forest
  • FTL: Faster than Light (plus Ben Prunty’s two solo albums Color Sky and Fragments)
  • Minecraft (also including C418’s other non-soundtrack work)

On the topic of Zelda music and relaxing/focusing music, check out the album Zelda & Chill by Mikel and GameChops.

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Actually I quite like Rez, Nier and Furi! My husband plays it all the time.

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Try Mass Effect: Andromeda starting theme song. It will inspire and motivate you! very addictive stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

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I recommend you to check Nolife Radio for a continuous stream of game music and OCRemix for very cool remixes from all kinds of game OSTs.

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I came here to add Nolife and OCR I see you added them. Thanks!

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