Best coding music?

Be a part of the soundtrack to Hacker Noon 2.0! Post your best coding music here! For reference, I’m currently listening to “Black Sands” by Bonobo:

I’ll gladly accept hip hop, trip hop, jazz, fusion, soul, R&B, rap, funk, classic rock, 80’s pop, punk, pop-punk, old-school country, bluegrass, and of course, pretty much any sub-genre of metal. :metal: In other words, sky’s the limit!



After too much Coffee
Had to have Computer Love
If you’re feeling Down or just love doom
Ambient Chill


Nice, thank you Mike! I added the Sons of Magdalene album to my Spotify collection. :smile: It reminds me of Joy Division or New Order. Killer stuff. :metal: It’s a very retro sound, appropriate for Hacker Noon!

I forgot to mention electro! Kraftwerk was my jam when I was about 14. I still like it, but I used to, too. :wink:

I used to love doom metal, but these days I’m more into metalcore, grindcore, mathcore…any of the “cores”, really. :wink: Rings of Saturn is my jam, along with August Burns Red, All Shall Perish, The Faceless (“Planetary Duality”, not their new stuff), Suicide Silence (with Mitch Lucker, of course)…I could name metal bands all day haha but you get the idea. :grin:

I’m going to add Hiroshi Yoshimura to my Spotify as well. Reminds me of Brian Eno. :heart:


Awesome, and I will check out those cores! :laptop::boom::loud_sound:


It depends on what I’m doing.
In previous years - when I was leading a team - it was hard to focus without Metal. And when you need to go home, but you still have not finished that last task that you plan to finish - I listen any GrindCore band :slight_smile:

Right now it depends on what I’m doing too.
I start to listen to more Rap, due to the popularity of Rap Battles in Russia.

And exploring “normal music” as well. A few years ago my partner-co-owner give me a present = tower with awesome acoustics, so each track sounds differently for me now…

Few weeks ago i find a Fever 333:

PS. Mitch Lucker is awesome. But I love new “suicide silence” stuff too.

Just to promote Russian old emo-core, will post some clips.
[Viewer discression]
First one is very custom.

a new band that blows my head with sound. They touching political topics in Russia and was oppressed by corrupted police:

Rock bands from Ukraine
The first band is actually from a town, where my family roots grow. a small coal mining town

Our new star:


I wish I had time to reply to every video individually, but this list is sick man. :metal: You should put together a metal playlist, for sure. I’d share that far and wide.

You know what, let’s just make this a metal thread. :joy:

Some of my all-time favorites, off the top of my head (warning: face-melting metal ahead):

This one is rap, not metal, but listen to the lyrics…metal af. :metal:


very nice! I need to wait my friend and listen it together.

UPD. yesterday after reading this thread i go and listen old stuff. And i think a lot of good(read crazy) bands was not posted. Like Infant Annihilator…

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Oh jeez, I forgot about Infant Annihilator…lately I’ve been into more experimental metal, like Between the Buried and Me. It’s more like prog-rock than metal, really. If I must go with something heavy, I go for Rings of Saturn, All Shall Perish, Chelsea Grin…but lately, I’ve been getting into more metal bands that don’t take themselves so seriously. Like iwrestledabearonce – they’re jokers and they know it. It’s all tongue-in-cheek, and I love it.

Or Attilla, that write song about pizza

Oh god. Atillla…I always thought they took themselves too seriously, like in this song:

They just came off as douchey to me, honestly. I prefer Brojob. :joy:

My go to playlist for good hip hop. :heart:


Somehow this got me on a Beastie Boys kick:

I actually wrote an article “Music for Hackers” and submitted to Hackernoon but I guess it got rejected. xD

Hope this helps!!


I’ve been listening to a lot of chopped and screwed music lately …

keeps me in a good tempo and zoned in


There maybe was some issue with medium submission process. if you want to resubmit it - i think @natasha can help you

Check this “strange” band. they also may have troubles in Russia because of church attributes, that they are using. Really blows my mind today

Haha. I like this topic.
But I always wear earplug when programming :wink:

I’m a new fan of this band

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Movie soundtracks. No lyrics, less distraction.