Automation and the future of unemployment

@john2 We saw this before. But it was on smaller scale with long duration period.

Soft/Tech change a lot of things in last 30 years.

There an easy example: check how much labor doing Kuka robots at Tesla. They just cannot compete without them. And they trying to increase a number of tasks, that will be performed by robots.

Second example: Check an old video about how tech companies at China works(phone manufacturing as simple) and check some new videos about the same field. Yes, they still have people that check a final result give feedback and fix robots. But whole assembly line is automated.

Looks like Henry Ford dream is coming true!

@AUTOMATE yea curious to know what you’re working on, share more. =]

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yes what are you @AUTOMATE - ing?

Automation is definitely the future…

But when I was working in consulting we had a good amount of clients we were trying to convince to move some of their apps off mainframes and a manual spreadsheets process. This was in 2018.

The cool tech companies will be quick to adopt but the rest of the companies out there most likely won’t care about adopting automation until they absolutely have to.