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Hello all!

My name is Faith, and I’m coming at you from Washington D.C. I’ve been working professionally as a frontend engineer for around 2 years now, and a QA engineer for 2 before that. Originally I went to school to study digital art and graphic design, so I’m very happy for the opportunity to explore more creative side again in this product design role.

Today, I’d really appreciate if you could provide me with some feedback on a few concepts for the sticky author biography which will accompany articles. In addition to what I’ve presented, what other features would you like to see?

You can access the rough mocks here: I’m also working on a prototype so that some of the transitions and overall motion that may be lost in translation makes more sense.

Thanks so much for all of your input!


Thanks Faith. I’d like to see total minutes reading generated please! I prefer the first version (green border) to the green block.

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