Augmented Reality vs. Mixed Reality vs. Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality vs. Mixed Reality vs. Virtual Reality

With constant development in computer vision and the exponential advancement of computer processing power, augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and virtual reality (VR) technology is becoming more and more prominent.

Well explained. And the videos you added to your article were also great to watch. Any ideas how the audience was able to see the Hololens presentation in 3D? Couldn’t figure that out.

Hi There,

Thanks for your kind comments! I don’t know exactly how it is done, but I have a few ideas. With certain MR apps, you can link multiple MR headsets and view what another user is viewing/interacting with. This way, multiple people could edit a hologram model of a new building for instance.

One way I believe they can show a HoloLens presentation to an audience is to link a separate HoloLens to the same feed as the presenter’s HoloLens and live stream the video. That video feed from the recorder’s HoloLens is then what is shown on screen.

Here is more info about live streaming from the HoloLens:

Hope this helps! But I’d love to hear other ideas if someone knows definitively how they do this.

I believe this is how they do it. Seems like the most viable option.

VR is amazing. Yet to experience AR. I can’t imagine how cool MR would be. Would love to go shopping to a store virtually, pick up my items in my cart, walk around the store and pay the money and get things delivered to my doorstep. All that by being on my bed. I hear something like that is already in the making.

If you have yet to experience AR, I’d recommend you try an AR game on your phone. Most iphones and Android phones above Android 7.0 should be able to run most AR games. Obviously there is the popular Pokemon Go, but I’d also recommend a simpler game like AR Defender!

A great read! There are a lot of people out there who may not recognize the differences between AR and MR, which the article explains really well. As I read in a blog by Grand View Research, titled ‘Mixed Reality Market – Breaking Barriers’, mixed reality is being employed by big organizations such as Airbus, and it won’t be long enough before it covers every industry across the globe.