Audio Device for the Kitchen?


I like to cook and I want to start using audio in the kitchen to:

(1) record audio notes (and preferable, it transcribes them too)
(2) select and play music (probably from Spotify or Apple Music)

What is the best device and setup for this?

The Google Home and Alexa appear to do too much, and I don’t really want to waste time interacting with the machine for any other possible use cases. So maybe it’s more about how I set up the popular audio device options? Or is there a paired down device that is great for this use case?



Commenting here so I’ll get notified if someone suggests something reasonable :slight_smile: I really like the idea of a dedicated device for the kitchen, but I refuse to get an Alexa or Google Home. Let me know if you find something please!



lol strong take. Why? This post reminds me of @Dane in the kitchen yelling to Alexa like at a stubborn child…



I just don’t like the idea of such a large, untrustworthy company having a recording device in my house. Of course, I carry around a phone, so it might be moot… :upside_down_face:



I’m a big fan of Alexa. I just find it annoying that she teases you with click bait news images and if you ask her about a story she’ll act like she doesn’t know what you are talking about.

BTW, we should have an Alexa integration.



I would love it.

Also sidenote: did you know she (Alexa) was inspiration for Janet from the Good Place? Always so obedient and pleasant but sometimes out of it.