Ask Me Anything with Sharmistha Chatterjee, Senior Manager Data Sciences, Google Developer Expert and Noonies nominee

Its a responsibility of society as a whole to come forward. Women need to upskill themselves, take up challenging opportunities and senior leader need to provide those to women.

Try to get hands-on experience with GCP, try to do certifications like Data Engineer, or Professional Cloud Architect.

EDA and Preprocessing are the most important steps. You can combine them and check out ur EDA while preprocessing the data, i.e. before and after preprocessing how is your data behaving, correlations, and other factors.

Hey @sharmi1206, sorry if I’m too late, thanks for taking the time to share some data insights.

Do you buy into that whole left brain does this and right brain does that ?? And how do you see the role of creative in data consumption and data applications ??

No I don’t believe this, it’s a blend of creativity and analysis that is required to draw meaningful insights from data.

Creativity brings out differentiation and it has to come out to give the best value to customers in any industry. How best we can derive insights and translate to actions (such as process improvement, or minimize delay) and how does it make sense to customers and drive and thrive their businesses.

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I saw your achievement in one of the Iron Lady forums and Im part of the group

I was checking how to enroll for GDE expert program. As it needs reference from community member or google employee, could you please help on it.

I would like to enroll for it

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