Ask Me Anything with Lane Wagner, Computer Scientist, Founder of Qvault and Noonies nominee

hey there!
what question in computer science excites/inspires you the most?

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Hey @David! I’m a bit new to digital marketing, but I’m learning. Currently I use google analytics and basically my goal is to provide:

  • High quality educational articles
  • Drive traffic to Qvault’s product (coding courses at

With those goals my metrics are:

  • Qualitatively, what are people saying online about my articles? Is the feedback positive? Negative? I’m never afraid to update articles to make them more accurate and easier to understand
  • Quantitatively: According to google analytics, what is my click-through-rate to the coding app?

Thanks for the question @dora. Right now I’m most interested in engineering problems rather than CS problems (mostly because I’m more qualified to work on those) For example:

  • I hate scrum - how can I fix it?
  • What’s the right balance between microservices, FAAS, and monoliths?
  • How can I keep my team producing quality products without burnout?

In terms of CS, the questions I’m focused more on relate to how can I teach the basics (undergrad stuff) in a more effective way? For example, how can I distill an entry-level data structures course from a semester down to a ~75 exercise course?

Hi @osho! I think ML is under-estimated and over-estimated at the same time. I think ML will continue to be astronomically powerful when it comes to tasks like self driving cars, marketing tools, and predictive analytics. I think we will likely see a shift in cutting-edge AI away from ML and towards new subsets as we explore more generalized problems.

Hi @lewis. Yeah, my first article was quite successful on Medium (mostly due to luck probably). It was actually this one that I’ve since moved to my own domain:

I really started writing as a way to self-document my learning. That said, I can’t stress enough that there is an INSANE amount of low-quality technical “writing” out there (looking at you If you are going to write, try to write about something new, or try to write about something that is old but can use a new explanation