Ask Me Anything with Ax Sharma, Security Researcher and Noonies nominee

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Ax Sharma is Senior Security Researcher at Sonatype and engineer, who is passionate about perpetual learning.
Ax is an expert in vulnerability research, software development, and web app security.
In his spare time, he loves exploiting vulnerabilities, ethically, and educating a wide range of audiences. He’s an active community member of the OWASP Foundation and the British Association of Journalists (BAJ).

Ask Him Anything and tune in for the answers on September 8th, 10 am EST!


How do you think Internet privacy has been affected by the pandemic consequences?

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Hi Ax!
From your experience, what are the greatest dangers of phishing attacks on governmental structures? And what steps should be taken to minimize the harm, if any?

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Hey Ax!
How safe is it to share an aacount with several people (say on iTunes or Netflix etc)?
Are there any ways account can become more vulnerable to hacking ?

What are you top tips to ensure the basic level of security for an average Internet user?

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Hey, thanks for doing the AMA!

Can you share some of the most popular ways our security in the digital space can be dangered?

In reporting hacks, what are your morales, practices and allegiances to the parties involved, your own media, and the next internet user ?

How IoT can be used to enchance security?

What is the maximum percentage of privacy society can afford in digitized space?

Is it ethical to hack an actor, who has the opposite perspective to yours? For example, hacking extremists ?

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What is the most secure social network to use and why?

If you could fix one thing in the Internet, what would it be?


What episode of Black Mirror represents the privacy issues in the Internet the best?

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How to stay secure while using video conferencing tools to work remotely?

How to become self-educated on digital security? Any resources you can recomend?

What’s your opinion on WikiLeaks?

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How has technology changed privacy norms and foundations?

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@lewis I think in 2 ways, at least. The contact tracing apps being developed that tradeoff privacy for data (for the greater good). Adversaries profiting off of technologically unsavvy users by phishing scams.

hey @ax, thanks for taking the time. if you could change one thing about how the internet works for everyone, what would it be?

Thanks for the question @dora !
This would have to be a longer answer as governments tend to be huge with many departments and offices.
The greatest danger, therefore, varies - from identity theft occurring at a local drivers’ licensing office, because of phishing; to election fraud at multiple counties/jurisdictions.

Technological solutions and security controls in a workplace are a must, but most attacks succeed due to some form of human error, therefore cybersecurity trainings (which are fun and not preachy/boring lectures; I know there’s Curricula, Ninjio, etc. who provide these in an interactive format…) for your employees are recommended.

Note: I’m not getting any commissions or favors by mentioning Curricula or Ninjio.

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