Articles accepted or not? How long does it take?

Hi, @hackernoondev

I submitted my draft via medium 3 days ago and nothing happens. Could you check these links?

Thank you.

Hi Dov! Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention! Sometimes I miss things, and I very much appreciate writers keeping me on my toes. I really liked both articles and added them! Your take on Docker Swarm was really interesting. I always like when writers talk about a technology, but really build out and explain practical use cases for it. Look forward to reading more of your content soon!

Hi Jason,

Thanks so much for putting this on here! Sometimes things fall through the cracks, and I apologize for that! I really loved your explanation of generating the PDFs, and your use of both explanation and code snippets was superb. Thanks again! And we look forward to reading more of your content soon!

I submitted my draft via medium 4 days ago. I haven’t got a response. Can you let me know the status of my submission ?


Hi Ethan, thanks a lot for taking the time to read my article, and for publishing it of course. I have some other ideas for articles which I hope to work on soon. In the meantime, all the best with HackerNoon 2.0. Excited to watch HN reach new heights! … Jason

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I submitted this a few weeks ago for publishing. Please do have a look. Thank you. :slight_smile:

@sumitsaha did you submit it via

Btw, you can make your code more colorful by replacing code blocks with

Will keep your article and share with my students!

@arthur.tkachenko Yes, I submitted it through as a new writer. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll replace wherever possible :slight_smile:

Edit (Made the changes):

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ok, hope it will be published soon

Hi @sumitsaha, you need to submit the story on Medium too to Hacker Noon. That’s probably why it was missed. See instructions here:

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Oh! Totally missed that. Thank you for reminding. I have added it to the HackerNoon publication for review.

Thank you @Storm

@sumitsaha, your story has been reviewed and published :+1:

Thank you @Storm :slight_smile:

I have as a new writer contribute a article two days before and not get any notification so when will I expect you live my article and give me a role of writer.

We aim for a turnaround of around 4 days on articles. If you don’t hear from us after 4 days, please post in this thread, and our editors will get back to you: "Did you review my stories?" thread (for stories 4+ days overdue)

Did you submit through Our editors prioritize articles submitted through that channel, so it’s always good to submit there if you haven’t already.

But I have not any role of writer and yes I submitted form there

Contribute my article from here - but did not receive any email by hackernoon . I submitted my request to hackernoon as a new writer.

@daria please check if he’s added yet.

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Hey we’re since moved off medium’s content management system. You now no longer have to be manually added as a writer. Simply visit Hacker Noon and click “get started”